Salvador Juanpere, 135 Vectors

Marble cube covered by bronze vectors

Salvador Juanpere (b.1953 Reus, Catalonia, Spain.) Lives and works in Sant Cugat del Vallès.

This sculpture, which takes the form of a slightly distorted cube, is carved from Greek marble. The 135 bronze vectors, or arrows, refer to the number of members in the Catalan parliament. The vectors, of various shapes and sizes, point in different directions and cover all six faces of the cube. The sculpture symbolises a collective spirit that is both strong and dynamic.Marble cube sculpture by Salvador Juanpere

The sculpture was gifted by the Catalan Parliament in 2005.

Artist Biography

Born in Reus, Catalonia in 1953, Salvador Juanpere is represented in public collections such as La Caixa Foundation and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona.


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