Mark Neville, Annie and Snowy, Fancy Pictures, 2008

Mark Neville (b. 1966) born London, lives and works Glasgow

Fancy Pictures was the result of the artist undertaking a residency supported by the Mount Stuart Trust. The artist used his time at Mount Stuart to explore the complicated relationship between the Stuart family, landowners, and the farmers who worked the land. The overall installation explored this relationship through a photographic re-interpretation of the ‘fancy picture’, a style of painting epitomised by artists such as Thomas Gainsborough and designed to communicate a family’s wealth and power to viewers.

Annie and Snowy is one of a number of photographs taken as part of this residency. The subject Annie has lived and worked on the same farm, ‘the Gortans’, all her life, as did her mother. The land on which the farm sits is owned by Mount Stuart Estate. Now deceased, Snowy is one of nine goats that Annie has looked after since they were kids. Milk produced by the goats is consumed locally and it is widely thought that Annie makes the best shortbread on the island.Mark Neville with Annie

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