Kenny Hunter, Three Works from the Opus Series (IV, V, VI), 1992

Cement fondue on concrete block and plinth

Kenny Hunter (b. 1962) lives and works in Glasgow

These sculptures were first displayed publicly in an exhibition entitled Hyperboreans at the Compass Gallery, Glasgow in 1992.

The Hyperboreans were a northern race living a long way from the southern centre of the classical world.

In these works, Opus IV, V and VIII, the artist is concerned with his awareness of a distorted, white, Eurocentric construction of history, that ignores the roots of classical civilisation in Afro-Asiatic and Semitic traditions, that has developed since the 18th century.

The sculptures took inspiration from real life models as well as making a clear reference to the classical language of sculpture, which the artist subtly alters in order to include the notion of foreignness. While the form of the works references classical sculpture, the artist has used modern materials in the construction of the sculptures - cement, and candle wax around the irises of the eyes.

The works are on loan from City Art Centre, Edinburgh Museums and Galleries.portrait heads  Kenny Hunter

Artist Biography

Born in Edinburgh in 1962, Kenny Hunter completed his studies at Glasgow School of Art in 1987. His public commissions include the Citizen Firefighter sculpture outside Glasgow’s Central Station (2001) and he is represented in several public collections in the UK, including Aberdeen Art Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. He is also represented in the British School in Athens. He has received a number of awards for his work, including the McBey Fellowship New York City in 2005 and has exhibited both in the UK and internationally.  

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