Visitor Code of Conduct

If you are visiting the Parliament, there is a code of behaviour which you need to follow, by order of The Presiding Officer.

For all visits, please:

  • Remember that this is a working Parliamentary building
  • Obey all instructions from Parliamentary officials
  • Keep all bags with you or place them in the baggage store or public lockers
  • The display of banners, flags or political slogans, including on clothing and accessories (such as face coverings), is not permitted.
  • Do not smoke in the building
  • Do not eat or drink, except in the restaurants
  • Return your “Visitor” lanyard and pass, when leaving
  • Collect any items retained by Security as you go out

For visits to see parliamentary business, please:

  • Enter, sit in and leave the galleries quietly
  • Obtain prior permission to paint, sketch or draw
  • Remain seated throughout the whole 45-minute session, if your ticket is for First Minister’s Question Time  

Debating Chamber and Committee Public Galleries Rules for the use of mobile, electronic devices

Visitors are welcome to use mobile phones and tablet devices in the Public Galleries, provided they observe the following rules which have been agreed by the Presiding Officer:

  • ALL devices must be switched to silent
  • Photography, filming or any form of recording during parliamentary business is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN
  • Use of social media must be done discreetly and in complete silence.
  • Nothing should be done which causes a distraction or disrupts Parliamentary business. Telephone calls must not be taken or made during business proceedings. Nothing should be done which distracts other visitors from following debates.
  • Visitors must use the SP-GUEST-WIFI internet access while attending parliamentary business. In the event of any interference with the broadcasting systems in the room we may have to ask you to switch devices to flight safe mode or to turn them off.

Please note that the following are forbidden in the galleries:

  • Applause, shouting out or disrupting proceedings
  • Use of cameras or recording equipment.
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