Carbon Management Plan

The SPCB approved the Parliament’s first Carbon Management Plan in 2010 this plan has now been substantially updated to ensure we achieve our target to reduce emissions by 42% by 2020.

This revised Carbon Management Plan sets a seven year programme of work and organisational change to reduce the SPCB’s carbon emissions.

Carbon Management Plan 2020 (547KB pdf)

Our Vision

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body is committed to becoming a low carbon organisation and to reducing our carbon emissions by 42% by 2020.

What do we mean by a low carbon organisation?

  • One which is making real efforts each year to reduce emissions.
  • Where emission reductions are evident and robust.
  • Where all decisions take account of our environmental impacts – big and small.
  • One which has exemplary environmental practices.

This Carbon Management Plan (CMP) sets out our our plans to reduce our emissions. The CMP plan is a live document which will be reviewed annually and updated as new approaches and opportunities for reducing our emissions are identified. The CMP will be an important tool to ensure that the commitments made within the SPCB’s Strategic Plan are achieved.

Carbon Emissions

We have already made good progress towards the 42% reduction target and carbon emissions had been reduced from the 2005/06 level.

Carbon emissions are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Baseline 2005-2006 emissions

                                                  Year            CO2 (tonnes)

Baseline Year                        2005-06    4377


Costs and Savings

If the target to reduce the carbon emissions by 42% by 2020 is achieved the savings (compared to a business as usual scenario or where carbon emissions from electricity and gas are not carefully managed) are predicted to be approximately £300,000 and a minimum of 1800 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum at current energy prices and will be greater if prices increase over this period.

Strategic Themes

The CMP has been developed around four strategic themes and projects identified under each of these themes to reduce carbon emissions. Each of these themes supports one of the 2009 environmental policy objectives;

  • Building Emissions

“Reduce energy use in the building and maximise the use of renewable energy”

  • Sustainable Travel

“Reduce the need to travel - where appropriate - and promote the use of sustainable travel by people working in and visiting the building”

  • Decision Making

“Approach all of its strategic planning, risk management and decision making with the aim of minimising negative environmental impact and maximising carbon emission reductions”

  • The RACE: Real Action Carbon Emissions

“Positively influence those who use the building - through guidance, education and training – to live low carbon lifestyles”

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