Great Tapestry of Scotland Exhibition


The Great Tapestry of Scotland logo

The Great Tapestry of Scotland was unveiled for the first time after its completion at the Scottish Parliament on 3 September 2013. Drawing many visitors from across the country and beyond, once again the Great Tapestry of Scotland is returning to inspire visitors at the Scottish Parliament from 1 July to 13 September 2014.

The Great Tapestry of Scotland is one of the most ambitious community arts projects in the world. The project, developed by esteemed Scottish writer Alexander McCall Smith, artist Andrew Crummy and historical writer Alistair Moffat bring together hundreds of volunteer stitchers from across Scotland to create a record-breaking 143 metre long embroidered tapestry, beautifully illustrating the history of Scotland, from a land locked in ice and carved by glaciers, to the reconvening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, the panels depict Scotland’s fascinating history, science, culture, industry and politics over the centuries.

For more information about upcoming free events and exhibitions in the Parliament, please contact the Events and Exhibitions Team at [email protected].


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