Is world peace possible?

As part of Andrew Carnegie International Legacy exhibition, leading thinkers were asked to share their views on whether it is possible to achieve world peace.  You can listen to their views in the film clips below, and then vote on the issue.


Nancy Birdsall
Founding president of the Center for Global Development

Bineta Diop
Executive director and founder of Femmes Africa Solidarité

Rebecca MacKinnon
Co-founder of Global Voices Online

Kishore Mahbubani
Diplomat and author

Peter Morales
President of the Unitarian Universalist Association

Thomas Pogge
Professor of philosophy and international affairs at Yale University

Carne Ross
Founder and executive director of Independent Diplomat

Gillian Tett
British author and journalist at the Financial Times

Michael Walzer
Professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study

Jay Winter
Charles J. Stille Professor of History at Yale University

Ethan Zuckerman
Director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Civic Media

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Founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1914, the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is an educational, nonprofit, nonpartisan organisation that produces lectures, publications, and multimedia materials on the ethical challenges of living in a globalised world.

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