Alison Kinnaird - Unknown

 © Alison Kinnaird. Photo: Robin Morton

Alison Kinnaird MBE (Born 1949 Edinburgh, lives and works in Midlothian)

Shown in the Main Hall, Saturday 4 October – Saturday 1 November 2014

Optical glass (water-jet cut, sandblast and wheel-engraved), LED lighting, silk poppies, painted textile backdrop.

This installation of 52 glass figures featured ranks of soldiers shown wearing modern uniforms. The inclusion of civilian figures highlighted the impact of war on us all.

The artist described the work as her personal response to the situation in the world today and to lessons unlearned from the past.

Inspired partly by the Terracotta Army figures found in the tomb of the First Emperor of China, each soldier was uniquely engraved by the artist to highlight their individuality. The arrangement of the soldiers refers also to fairground shooting galleries.  

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