John Lowrie Morrison, 2015

Oil on canvas

John Lowrie Morrison OBE

The four paintings are:-

  • Evening Low Tide, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, 2015
  • Stormy Evening, Machrihanish Beach, Kintyre, 2015
  • Moon Over Arbroath Creels, 2015
  • The Ardionra Hayfield - A Summer Morning, Iona, 2015


The vitality of the paint colours expresses the impact of transient light and weather conditions on the land.  The works convey the soft hues of a morning sky, the vibrancy of sundown against storm clouds and the gloaming dusk of long summer evenings.  West and east coasts are both depicted at twilight, Tobermory and Arbroath connected by Scotland's fishing industry and the characteristic painted houses.  Morrison has been painting the west coast since the 1960s, often returning to favourite spots such as the Ardionra hayfield in Iona to look at them anew.  The artist's distinctive use of colour is part of his signature style.  His use of unexpected colour reflects both a belief in the actual intensity and diversity of colours in nature in Scotland if one looks closely enough and also his conviction in the joy and healing that can be the result of experiencing the beauty of nature.

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