Educational Resources

Illustration of computers and books

Teaching resources for Modern Studies

If you are teaching modern studies or citizenship in upper secondary school, check out our resources for this age range

Image of a pupil and a teacher

Teaching primary and lower secondary

Suggestions on using our resources with this age range

Illustration of a professor taken from the resource

Additional Member System

Discover how the Additional Member System works in our interactive resource

Image from Art Curriculum resource


Find out how you can use the Scottish Parliament building as inspiration for teaching the art and design curriculum

Illustration of a girl listening to a MP3 player with headphones

Audio Resources

Listen to our fun radio programmes to find out more about the Parliament.



We have produced a series of teaching resources for Citizenship topics - suitable for teaching social studies and general citizenship studies

Image of children's artwork about the Parliament


A series of factfiles looking at key areas of the Parliament

Image of exhibition quiz

Holyrood Quizzes

If you are visiting Holyrood with a group, you might want to do one of our quizzes

Three of the leaflets produced by Scottish Parliament Public Information

Information resources

We produce a range of free publications that explain how the Parliament works, what you can do as a visitor to Holyrood and how you can get involved.

Image for Language and literacy resource

Language and Literacy Curriculum

Resources for creative and imaginative writing

Illustration of a tick list in Gaelic

Learn Gaelic

Do you want to learn some Parliament words in Gaelic? Math fhèin! (that means brilliant in Gaelic!)

Illustration of a boy with a question mark above his head


Use your maths skills to explore the Parliament from a different angle

Image of French resource

Modern Languages

Inspire your students to use their language skills using the Scottish Parliament

Image from Standard Grade resource

National Modern Studies

Our National Modern Studies notes can help teachers and pupils to work through the course, learning about the Scottish Parliament

Parliament and Poetry document front cover

Parliament and Poetry

You can use the Parliament as a basis for poetry lessons using our lesson plans, produced jointly with the Scottish Poetry Library

Illustration of school children placing words on a white board

Pieces of Parliament

A series of short resources exploring the work of Parliament

Image of a window inthe MSP Building

PowerPoint Case Studies

PowerPoint case studies of the passage of Bills through the Parliament

Image from snakes and ladders game

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a board game for 2 to 4 players based on the election process

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